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Sylvester Stallone’an A Fanu Te Pahnih Dinner A Ei Pui

Sylvester Stallone’an A Fanu Te Pahnih Dinner A Ei Pui

Kum 73 mi Sylvester Stallone chuan a fanu te pahnih chu dinner ei pui turin a chhuah pui.

Sylvester Stallone hian a fanu kum 23 mi Sophia leh kum 21 mi Sistine te chu Beverly Hills a restaurant Madeo-ah dinner a ei pui a, a nupui kum 51 mi Jennifer pawh a tel ve a ni.

Sylvester Stallone hian Navy Polo, Jean pawl leh leather jacket a inbelin a fanu te pahnih Sophia leh Sistine te nen thla an la tlang hlawm a ni.

Silver fox: Sylvester Stallone showcased his new look while out for dinner with wife Jennifer, 51, (not pictured) and his daughters Sophia, 23, (middle) and Sistine, 21 (right)

Kan hriat angin Sylvester hian fa 6 lai a nei a, an chhelo hlawm hle.

Ama Instagram account lamah video tawi a post a, a fanu pakhat chuan, ‘Who did it better Joaquin Phoenix or Sly (Sylvester’s nickname)’ tiin a lo comment.

Sylvester hian a hmaia cake kai nuai thlalak a post a, ‘One way to stay in shape is to put your dessert on your face instead of in your stomach’ tiin captions a ziak.

Cake face: Showing his playful side the loving father took to Instagram to share a clip of his daughter smearing a cake all over his face

Point Blank actor Franky Grillo pawhin lo comment ve in, ‘Youre rocky … and rambo. But you’re daddy mostly. Love it ❤️.’  a ti bawk.

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