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Liam Hemsworth nen an inthen hnuah a vawikhatna atan Miley pawh a chhuak lai hmuh a ni

Liam Hemsworth nen an inthen hnuah a vawikhatna atan Miley pawh a chhuak lai hmuh a ni

Kan hriat angin Miley Cyrus leh a pasal Liam Hemsworth nen an inthen a, an inthen hnuah a alangin a chhuak vak lo niin Daily Mail chuan an tarlang.

Mahse, Liam nen an inthen hnuah a vawikhatna atan Los Angeles, California-ah Miley Cyrus chu nuam tih hmel tak leh thawveng takin a chhuak a ni. Daily Mail chuan hmeichhia tak tak a ang ve tawh niin an tarlang bawk.

Kum 27 mi Miley Cyrus hi feet 5 leh inches 5 niin, jeans dum leh t-shirt sum inbelin a nalh hle.

Miley Cyrus leh Liam Hemworth te chuan thla 8 chhung an inneihna chu Thawhlehni (Tuesday) khan an ti tawp a, Judge prove na thlapin an ti tawp niin a lang.

Those boots though: The Wrecking Ball songstress looked much taller than her 5 feet, 5 inches, modeling lengthy and tight black jeans and a simple black t-shirt, with a tasteful black belt

TMZ reports in an tarlan dan chuan Judge thuchhuah chu Miley Cyrus emaw Liam Hemsworth te hi February ni 22 thleng single anga awm turin an ti niin an tarlang.

Mahse, tunah hian Miley hian bialpa neiin Cody Simpson nen an inngaizawng mek a, Liam Hemsworth pawh hian ngaihzawng a nei ve bawk.

Fairy tale no more: This was the first sighting of Cyrus since her divorce from estranged husband Liam Hemsworth became finalized on Tuesday; seen together in 2012

Thank you next: After Kaitlynn, Miley struck up a relationship with longtime friend Cody Simpson; seen together on her Instagram

Girl on the go: Miley Cyrus looked like a woman on a mission on Thursday, as she was seen rocking a stylish all-black ensemble along with leopard print stiletto boots in Los Feliz

Hetianga a inchei hi chuan hmeichhia dik tak a ang ve bawk reng a ni, a chhelo zaih mai.

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