Argentina vs Brazil combined XI Copa America 2021

Pathianni zingah South America team tha pahnih Brazil leh Argentina chuan Copa America 2021 final an khel ang.

Champion lai Brazil hian nomawi hum an tum ruh hle a, hetihlaiin Argentina lam pawhin hunkal tawha an hlawhchhamna zawng zawng khuh bo turin hlawhtlin ngei an tum ve bawk. Game hmuhnawm tak a ni ngei ang.

Kum 34 a upa Lionel Messi tan Copa AMerica final hnuhnung ber pawh a ni tawh maithei. A vawikhatna atan Argentina major trophy chawi ngei a tum anga, a chawi thei a nih ngat chuan Messi tan thil ropui tak a ni dawn.

Team pahnih te hi Copa America 2021 ah an che tha hle a. Argentina lam atangin an captain Lionel Messi a che tha em em a, Brazil lam atang pawh Nerymar a che tha ve hle.

Thiantha pahnih hi Field chhung ngeiah an inhmachhawn dawn a, fans lam pawhin en an chak tawh hle. Team pahnihah hian player quality neitha tak tak an awm nual a, tun tumah hian Combined XI kan rawn tarlang ve leh dawn a ni.

Argentina leh Brazil hi Copa America 2019 semi final-a an intum hnuah a vawikhatna atan an intum leh dawn a ni. Kha tihlai khan Brazil lam chuan 2-0 in hnehna an chang.

Engpawhnise, a hnuaiah hian Argentina vs Brazil Combined XI kan rawn tarlang ve leh e.

Goalkeeper: Emiliano Martinez (Argentina)

Martinez saved three penalties against Colombia in the shootout.
Right-back: Danilo (Brazil)
Danilo is physically strong and tough to beat in one-on-one situations.
Centre-back: Marquinhos (Brazil)
Marquinhos has led from the back for Brazil at Copa America 2021.
Centre-back: Thiago Silva (Brazil)
Silva is looking to captain Brazil to consecutive Copa America titles.
Left-back: Nicolas Tagliafico (Argentina)
Tagliafico has impressed for Argentina at Copa America 2021.

Right Midfielder: Everton Ribeiro (Brazil)

Everton has become a vital component of Tite

Defensive Midfielder: Casemiro (Brazil)

Casemiro will go up against Messi once again.

Left Midfielder: Alejandro Gomez (Argentina)

Gomez has been involved in three goals for Argentina at Copa America 2021.

Right Winger: Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Messi could all but secure his seventh Ballon d
Striker: Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)
Martinez is Argentina

Left Winger: Neymar (Brazil)

Having missed Brazil

Source Sportskeeda