7-0 a Man Utd an hneh hnu lawka Firmino chu Manchester’s Trafford Centre-ah shopping nghal

Liverpool in Manchester United an hneh hnu lawk khan Manchester a Trafford Centre-a Roberto Firmino shopping lai lak fuh a ni.

Kan hriat angin Jurgen Klopp leh a naute chuan Anfield-ah an mikhual Manchester United chu 7-0 lai maiin an hneh anih kha. Liverpool tan hian Cody Gakpo, Darwin Nunez leh Mohamed Salah ten goal an khung a, hun tawp dawn lamah Roberto Firmino pawh a rawn lut vein goal khat a rawn khung ve anih kha.

Brazilian Roberto Firmino leh a nupui Larissa Pereira chu an tumpui te tualah an shopping lai hmuh a ni. He shopping centre hi Old Trafford Stadium atangin miles 1 vel chauhva hla a ni nghe nghe.

The Liverpool striker was pictured shopping in the Trafford Centre with wife Larissa Pereira

Kum 31 a upa Roberto Firmino chuan tun summer transfer lo awm turah club a chhuahsan tur thu a sawi chhuak anih kha. Tun summer transfer lo awm turah hian a contract neih lai a zo ve dawn bawk a ni. Hetia an shopping lai vel hian fans thenkhat ten an selfie pui a, an hlim hlawm hle a ni.

The Brazilian posed happily with fans in the shopping mall just one mile away from Old Trafford
The 31-year-old Firmino also browsed clothing in Primark on Monday – just hours after he helped the Reds thrash bitter rivals Manchester United 7-0 at Anfield on Sunday evening
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