UEFA Champions League Position tin atanga Goal khung hnem zual XI

UEFA Champions League-ah hian kum tamtak chhung chu goal khung thei tak player tha an awm nual tawh a, Marco Van Basten, Ronaldo Nazario, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Erling Haaland leh Kylian Mbappe te hian UCL ah goal an khung hnem hle.

A bik takin Attacking leh midfield lamin goal an khung deuh ber a, UEFA Champions League-ah hian defender goal khung thei tak pawh an awm ve nuk. Hei mai bakah goalkeeeper goal khung te pawh an awm a ni.

Tun tumah hian UEFA Champions League history-a goal khung hnem zual Starting XI kan rawn tarlang ve leh dawn a, an formation hi 4-3-3 a ni e.

Position tina goal khung hnem XI leh an goal khung zat

Goalkeeper: Hans-Jorg Butt – 3 goals

Hans Jorg Butt scored multiple goals in the Champions League

Left-back: Roberto Carlos – 16 goals

Roberto Carlos is one of the best goalscoring full-backs in the game's history

Centre-back: Sergio Ramos – 15 goals

Sergio Ramos has scored key goals in the Champions League.

Centre-back: Gerard Pique – 15 goals

Gerard Pique is another prolific goalscoring defender in the Champions League

Right-back: Dani Alves – 12 goals

Dani Alves has excelled for both club and country

Left midfielder: Ryan Giggs – 28 goals

Ryan Giggs was an exemplary performer in the Champions League

Central midfielder: Frank Lampard – 23 goals

Frank Lampard scored many goals in the Champions League

Right midfielder: David Beckham – 16 goals

David Beckham enjoyed success in the Champions League

Left winger: Cristiano Ronaldo – 134 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in Champions League history

Centre forward: Robert Lewandowski – 73 goals

Robert Lewandowski has been a prolific scorer in the Champions League

Right winger: Lionel Messi – 120 goals

Lionel Messi has moved to PSG this summer

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