Official: Chelsea in Atletico Madrid star an la lut

Season hmasa UEFA Champions League winner Chelsea chuan Atletico Madrid player tha tak pakhat an la lut.

Chelsea chuan official takin Atletico atang kum 26 a upa Saul Niguez an lak luh thu an puangzar, Saul hi Loan in an la lut a, deadline day-a lak luh a ni.

2021/22 season tawp rualin Chelsea in an duh chuan club pahnih inremna in a nghetin an la lut thei bawk dawn niin an sawi.

Atletico Madrid tan Sual Niguez’an match 340 lai a khel tling tawh a, mahse, tunhnai atang khan Diego Simeone hnuaiah khelhna hun tha a nei tam lo hle.

Chelsea hian an that pui viau i ring em?

Source SL

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