Mo Salah aiah Phil Foden PFA PoY nominee-ah a lan zawk avangin Liverpool fan te an lungawi theilo

Kan hriat angin Manchester City rawlthar Phil Foden chu PFA Player of the Year nominees-ah a lang a, mahse, online lamah reaction a tam ang reng hle.

Fans tam zawk chuan Liverpool star Mo Salah aia Manchester City attacking midfielder Phil Foden shotlist 6 a a lan a vangin mak an ti hle.

Mohamed Salah hian 2020/21 Premiere League-ah goals 22 lai mai a khung a, Golden Boot winner Harry Kane a phak lohna chu goal tlemte a ni. Mohamed Salah hi che tha viau mahse, Liverpool erawh duh angin an che tha lo.

Phil Foden was nominated for PFA Player of the Year

Many fans believe Mo Salah should have been included

Fans tam zawkina an chhuah ber pakhat chu Foden hian Man City tan Premiere League match 17 chiah a start a, mahse, an thlan danah hi chuan Egyptian aia thawk tam leh che tha zawk angin a lang tlat.

Pakhat chuan ti hian a ziak, ‘Foden hi player mak dangdai tak a ni, mahse, engtin nge nominee-ah hian a awm theih zawk, engtiangin nge an nominate dan’ tiin a ziak.

Pakhat dang leh chuan Foden leh Kevin de Bruyne chungchang ti hian a sawi, ‘Foden hi Premiere League overrated player a ni, hei vang hian nominee ah a awm thei maithei, mahse, De Bruyne hi eng tin nge a awm theih zawk, City in hnehna an chan tam zawk ah hian hliam a vangin a khel theilo.”

Foden hi Premiere League club City tan matches 17 ah start a, matches 28 ah inlanin chet that chan a nei nual, goal 9 a khung mai bakah assist vawi 5 a nei tling.

Mohamed Salah hian goal 22 a khung a, assist pawh a nei nual, Liverpool in top 4 an thlen theihna kawngah hian a pawimawh hle.

Source Mail Online

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