Ka khup hmangin ka tleng tawh lovang – Romelu Lukaku

  • Chelsea leh Aston Villa inkhelh tumah khan Romelu Lukaku chuan Chelsea tan goal a khung a, a khup hmanga tlengin a tleng fuh vak lo a nih kha.
  • Lukaku chuan Social Media lamah a khup hmanga a tleng ngai tawh dawn lo niin a sawi.
The Belgian international hilariously falls whilst celebrating the opening goal of the game

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku chuan Twitter lamah khup hmanga tleng (knee Slide Celebration) a ti leh ngai tawh dawn lo niin a post. Aston Villa laka goal hmasa ber a khung khan a tleng ve ngei a, mahse, a tleng fuh lo a nih kha.

Belgian international Romelu Lukaku hian kum 2014 khan Chelsea hi alo chhuahsan a, hunrei tak club dang dangah a khelh hnuin, tun summer transfer-ah khan a rawn kir leh a ni. Chelsea lama a kir leh hnu hian bul a tan tha ang reng hle.

The Chelsea players mobbed Lukaku after scoring his second league goal of the season

Premiere League match-ah Aston Villa an hmachhawn tum khan Mateo Kovacic trough ball tha zet hmangin Romelu Lukaku hian goal a khung a, he a goal khung hi Stamford Bridge-a a goal khungna hmasa ber a ni.

Chelsea in goal 3 an khung atanga goal 2 hi Romelu Lukaku khung a ni. Goal khatna a khung hian Lukaku chuan mawi taka celebrate ve ngei a tum niin a lang, mahse, a khup hmanga tleng a han tum chuan hmalamah a let ta zawk a ni.

The Belgian international hilariously falls whilst celebrating the opening goal of the game
Didier Drogba was quick to react on social media to Lukaku's hilarious fall after the game

A celebrate sual avangin social media lamah a lar ang reng hle a, Chelsea legend Didier Drogba pawhin Romelu Lukaku instagram post-ah comment ve in, ‘Doctor David, Khup thar i pe thei ang em?’ tiin fiamthuin a comment a ni.

Lukaku celebrates after scoring his first ever goal at Stamford Bride since his debut in 2011

Romelu Lukaku pawhin ‘nimina ka celebrate hnu khan, khup hmangin ka tleng leh tawh lovang’ tiin a post ve bawk.

The Chelsea forward provided two of Chelsea's three goals to lead Chelsea to victory

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