Jesse Lingard transfer update

Jesse Linagar’an Manchester United lama a hmalam hun tur a sawi niin repor in an tarlang. Kan hriat angin West Ham United lamah loan in a kal a, a che tha hle.

West Ham lamah hian 2020/21 season chave atangin a lut a, Premiere League match 16 a khelh atangin goal 9 a khung mai bakah assist vawi 5 a nei tling hman.

Hammers manager David Moyes chuan UEFA Europa League spot a an awm hnuin Lingard hi West Ham-ah la awm tir rih a duh niin an tarlang.

Mahse, The Sun in an tarlan dan chuan kum 28 a upa Jesse Lingard chuan Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hnenah Old Trafford lama la awm rih a duh thu a sawi niin an tarlang ve bawk.

Ole Gunnar leh Lingard hi a hmalam hun tur chungchangah an inhmu niin an tarlang.

Jesse Lingard leh Hammers manager David Moyes hi an relationship a tha a, an sawi zel danah Solskjaer erawh chuan Lingard rawn kir leh theihna tur kawng a dal char char niin an sawi.

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata hmalam hun pawh a chiang lo, Red Devils lamin contract thar an pe hnai niin an tarlang a, Juan Mata’an Old Traford lama contract a neih hi tun thla tawp hian a zo ve ang.

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