Euro 2020 atang an tlak hnuah, Paul Pogba leh a nupui Maria Salaues pawh Miami lamah holiday an hmang (Gallery)

Kan hriat angin Euro 2020 atang France an tlak hnuah, Paul Pogba leh a nupui Maria Salaues-i pawh Miami lamah chawlh hmangin hun an hmang.

Didier Deschamps leh a naute hi Round of 16 ah Switzerland lamin an hneh a nih kha. Hriat angin France hi mi tamtakin Champions turah an ngai a, champion tura rinkai ber pawh anni.

The midfielder was involved in an argument with Adrien Rabiot against Switzerland while their families are also said to have clashed in the stands

Football khelh leh hma chu tih tur em em an nei lo a ni ang, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba te chu Target Store-ah an shopping a ni, a nupu Maria Salaues leh a fate a hruai a ni.

Paul Pogba is holidaying in Miami after France's early exit from the European Championship

Pogba thuam pawh a nalh leh pek hle mai.

Pogba was pictured with his wife, Maria Salaues, as they went shopping at Miami's Target store
Pogba has also been enjoying some time with former Juventus team-mate Paulo Dybala

Source Daily Mail

A nupui chhelo zet mai thlalak hi han tarlang ve hrim hrim ang.

Read More Real Madrid in Man Utd target Raphael Varane man tur an puang

Real Madrid chuan french defender Raphael Varane man atan €70 million a nih thu an puang niin report in a tarlang. Kum 27 a upa Raphael Varane hi thla tlemte liamta atang khan Manchester United nena sawi zawm anni.

Sky Italia in a sawi dan chuan, Manchester United lam hian Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane man atan hian €40 million pek mai bakah bonus pek an zuam niin a sawi a. Mahse, a lan danah chuan Los Blancos lam hian an defender man atan €70 million lai mai an hauh niin a lang.

Raphael Varane hian Real Madrid-ah hian kum khat daih contract a la nei mek a. Hei vang hian Spanish club lian Real Madrid chuan tun summer transfer window-ah an hralh chhuah ngei ngei a rinawm. A chhan chu nakum lamah khi chuan a free in an chan theih dawn vang a ni.

Hetihlai hian Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos a chhuah tawh avangin Raphael Varane erawh awmtir rih an tum niin report thenkhatin a tarlang ve thung. Raphael Varane contract thar chungchang engmah a la awm lova, Premiere League lamah a insawn ngei ringtu an thahnem hle.

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer chuan tun summer-ah Raphael Varane chu lak luh ngei a duh a, Borussia Dortmund atangin Jadon Sancho an lak luh hnuah Frenchman Varane hi an target ber ani mek.

Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hian a defender neih tawh sa Victor Lindelof, Eric Bailley leh Axel Tuanzebe te chungah rinna a nei tlem deuh tawh niin a lang.

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