Euro 2020 ah Switzerland team ten mel 7245 an thlawh kual laiin, England erawh mel 0

Euro 2020 last 16 thleng chinah Switzerland, Sweden leh Wales te chu boruaka zin thui/zin tam zual an ni. Mahse, England erawh an home/ram la chhuahsan lo awmchhun an la ni.

Switzerland have been racking up the air miles at Euro 2020, travelling to Baku, Rome, Baku again and now Bucharest for their last-16 match against France

Robert Page enkawl Wales team te chuan Euro 2020 tournament knock out stage khel turin, Amsterdam thlen nan mel (miles) 5,000 chuang boruakah an thlawh a ngai dawn a, Denmark an hmachhawn dawn a ni.

Mahse, Euro 2020 chhungah an thlawh tawh zat belhkhawm zawng zawng chu Mel 5,382 a ni a, tah hian Baku leh Rome lama an khelh dawna an thlawh pawh a tel.

Wales have covered 5,382 miles so far as they fly off to Amsterdam to take on Denmark

Swiss ho pawh hi an thlawk thui ang reng dawn a, Group match an khelh tawhah khan mel 1,240 an thlawk kual tawh a, Ukraine an hmachhawn hunah hian mel 5,362 lai an thlawk leh a, Euro 2020 khelh mekah an thlawh tawhna zawng zawng chu mel 7245 lai niin zin thui ber anni.

Hetihlaiin England erawh round of 16 an khelh thlengin an la zinchhuak lo hrim hrim a, England team chiah hi la zinchhuak lo awmchhun an ni.

England will have the advantage of a partisan Wembley crowd against Germany on Tuesday

Engpawhnise, a hnuaiah hian Boruak a thlawk thui emaw thlawk tam zual te kan rawn tarlang ve leh e. Hei hi Round of 16 a lut chin te niin, an zin tawhna mel (mile) belhkhawm a ni.

Switzerland – 7,245 miles

Wales – 5,382 Miles

Sweden – 5,362 miles

Belgium – 4,824 miles

Czech Republic – 4,646 miles

Ukraine – 3,757 miles

Sweden are another team to have travelled thousands of miles at the Euros so far

Portugal – 3696 miles

Austria – 3,495 miles

Croatia – 1,828 miles

Spain – 1,530 miles

France – 1,173 miles

Holland – 1,111 miles

Italy – 898 miles

Germany – 572 miles

Denmark – 395 miles

England – 0 miles

But England have got off lightly with the travel and are set to play a fourth game at Wembley

Denmark are among the team to have enjoyed home advantage for all their games so far

Source Mail Online

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