Engtiangin nge Barcelona hian season tharah line-up an siam tak ang le

Tun summer transfer hi Barcelona tan chuan buaina lian tak pakhat a ni. An squad thuam that an tum ruh hle. Season tharah an squad that theihna turin chuan an player neihsa te hlawh pawh tihhniam an pawi tilo a ni.

Barcelona hian an player tha thenkhatte pawh an chhuahtir tawh a, rawlthar talent nei tha Junior Firpo, Jean Clair Todibo, leh Carles Alena te chu an zuar chhuak tawh a, anni pathum man belhkhawm zawng zawng hi €28.50 million lai a tling. Hetihlai hian Juan Miranda pawh a free in chhuah phalsak a ni, Francisco Trincao pawhin loan in Wolves a zawm ve bawk.

FC Barcelona chuan an superstar Lionel Messi chu chan an hlau rih deuh niin a lang, ani hi June thla tawp rual khan Camp Nou lama contract a neih a zova, tunah hian free agent in a awm mek. Thuthang tamtak hre mah ila, Catalan club lian Barcelona chuan an la chelh rih dawn niin a lang.

FC Barcelona in kum 5 chhung atan Lionel Messi chu Contract thar an ziah pui leh

Barcelona are closing in on getting Lionel Messi to sign a new contract this summer

Source hrang hrangin an tarlan dan chuan Lionel Messi hlawh chu 50 percent lai maia a hlawh tih hniam sak an tum niin an sawi a, kum 5 chhung atan contract an zawrh leh a ni. Tun atanga rei vak lovah hian contract thar a sign ngei a rinawm.

Season hmasa zawk atang khan Lionel Messi chuan club chhuahsan alo tum tawh a, tun tumah erawh a chhuah loh hmel. Attacking lamah amah puih turin Memphis Depay leh Sergio Aguero’an Barcelona an zawm tawh a, Defence lamah pawh Eric Garcia leh Emerson Royal an la lut bawk a, Messi tan chuan han cham chhunzawm mai chu a thlan awm zawk tawh maithei.

Engpawhnise, Transfer zawha FC Barcelona line up dan tura rinkai hi kan rawn thailang ve leh ang nge?

Goalkeeper: Marc-Andre ter Stegen
MATS needs to regain his confidence quickly


Left-back: Jordi Alba
Alba will enter the season in good form following his brilliant outing at the Euros
Center-back: Gerard Pique
Pique will lead the backline once again
Center-back: Ronald Araujo
Araujo earned his spot at the heart of the defense with solid displays last term
Right-back: Sergino Dest
Dest will get the chance to continue his development next term


Central Midfielder: Pedri


Central Midfielder: Frenkie de Jong

The Dutchman recorded seven goals and eight assists to his name last term

Defensive midfielder: Sergio Busquets

The midfielder is still going strong for club and country


Left-winger: Memphis Depay
Depay will don the Barca jersey next season
Striker: Sergio Aguero
The Argentine will fulfill his dream of playing alongside Messi at Barca next season

Right winger: Lionel Messi

Leo is fully motivated following his Copa America triumph

Hetiang hian Barcelona in Line Up an siam theih chuan an tha dawn hle mai.

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